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  • On Enterprise

    Domestically engaged in the production and research and development of various types of automotive clutch face sheet professional enterprises. Is a core member of the Board of Directors of China Friction Materials Association
  • Company Strength

    Has won more than 50 national patents, passed the German TUV Rheinland ITAF16949 international quality system certification, successfully passed the acceptance and incorporated into the national "Torch Plan"
  • Product Quality

    Production of clutch profiles of various specifications and models, excellent wear resistance and physical and mechanical properties, all performance indicators are higher than the national standard GB5764-2011 requirements
  • Sold Country

    Superior price, perfect after-sales service has won the favor of many well-known enterprises, products are sold throughout the country, and exported to Europe, the United States, southeast Asia, the Middle East and other markets
  • Enterprise strength

    The company develops new products in strict accordance with IATF16949 system, implements project management with APQP as the core, and applies FMEA and ERP monitoring and management to reasonably guarantee the product development process.

  • Homemade line 1

    China's first homemade yarn clutch face production enterprises
  • Homemade line 2

    In order to ensure the consistency of skeleton materials, we introduce new wire making equip
  • Automatic batching

    Computer, automatic control, batching system
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    Welcome to zhejiang kete official website!
  • Zhejiang Kete official website officially launched!

    Zhejiang Kete official web...


    Zhejiang Kete official website officially launched!

  • About the company

    About the company


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